Mini Gateaux Breton

SUMMARY – buttery, nutty and tender, these tiny cookie gems will impress even your most fussy aunt or mother-in-law. Double the recipe because these will disappear quick.


These cookies were so good and so easy!


I, like Marie, didn’t have the exact correct pan. I did a little digging through my pantry, and found a super-mini bundt pan that I must have bought specifically to make these cookies. I don’t remember what I actually bought it for!


The hardest part about making these cookies was finding good butter. I went back to PriceRite to get more high-fat European style butter for $1.99 for 7 oz, but of course they were out. I got some Kerrygold Irish butter from the coop instead.


The dough came together easily. My smallest cookie scoop makes 10 gram dough scoops so I didn’t have to scale every single cookie. Of course I did scale a few of them to make sure how much to fill the scoops. I didn’t care much if some cookies were 12 grams instead.


I sprayed baking Pam on the pan indents, plus dropped the dough balls onto a floured plate, and dusted my hands with flour. to roll them.


The cookies didn’t stick at all. I over-baked the first batch a little, but the cookies still didn’t stick. No need to work them out with a needle or skinny knife. Yay!


I didn’t use my pinkie finger to press the dough in, I used the flat end of my big whisk. It worked. The last batch I forgot to press into the molds. The design was looser but still visible.


These cookies are so cute! Like Barbie bundt cakes.


I will make more of these, and double the recipe. Maybe dunk them in some melted chocolate. Mmmmm. These might also be good made with almond meal instead of flour. I might have to try that, too.


I am an information pack rat.

I used to cut articles from magazines and copy pages out of library books and put them in binders.

Now I use Pinterest and Evernote to save articles and recipes. There’s a lot less paper clutter around and the trees are happier!

Instead of hoarding this info, I am sharing my “Breadcrumbs” with you.

I hope you find these articles interesting, informative, and maybe inspiring! And feel free to save them or pin them yourself.

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I have three projects in one post this time.

I do actually make most everything for Alpha Bakers, but I don’t always get a chance to sit down and post it. I can do the baking, but writing about it is harder.

So I am rectifying this, sort of, in a late (or early!) post about some of the projects I made, but didn’t talk about.

White Christmas Peppermint Cake

Project #1 – White Christmas Peppermint Cake ➡️ Ornament Cupcakes

I don’t like making large cakes unless I have a specific event that requires an actual cake, like a birthday party, wedding, anniversary. I would much rather make small cakes that I can easily transport and give away.


I decided on cupcakes because I was inspired by a Christmas ornament! A mini-cupcake with lots of sprinkles. How could I not make cupcakes that look like my ornament?


The other thing  about this cake was the peppermint. Don’t get me wrong, I like peppermint. But not in a cake. I skipped the peppermint extract and went with the vanilla in the cake base.


It was a good cake, too. It had nice flavor and light color. I would use this cake again if I wanted really white cake, and not a yellow-ish cake.


The frosting … oh the frosting! It was creamy, chocolate-y, light, fluffy, great to work with. A perfect frosting.

I piped the frosting on the mini cupcakes and decorated. I had gold sugar nonpareils and crunchy pink sugar crystals flavored with peppermint. Not too much mint, but enough to get them somewhat back to peppermint.


There was a lot of frosting left over from this recipe. I packed it up and waited for another project to use it up.

This bonus frosting was used in …


Project #2 – Faux-reos

My mother gave me a King Arthur boxed cookie mix a while ago. It was rolled chocolate cookies with white frosting. Sort of like homemade oreos. I finally got tired of looking at this box in my pantry and made them.


To me, they were strictly OK. Certainly better than something out of a plastic sleeve, but still, not that great. I brought some down to the corner market to get rid of them. The clerks down there really liked them! One of the girls, Briana, begged me to make more of them for her birthday.


Since King Arthur doesn’t make this cookie mix anymore, I decided I could do a lot better. I already had some really tasty frosting. I just had to find a cookie recipe to go with it.


In Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery cookbook (which I have renewed twice from the library because I don’t want to return it!) I found a recipe for TKO cookies. Chocolate shortbread cookies filled with white chocolate ganache. Ding ding ding!


The cookies were really really good. They got even better filled with Rose’s frosting. They were so good, I almost didn’t want to give any away! But I dropped a container off at the store for Briana. She really liked them. I really liked them! I may have even found another fair recipe.

These cookies lead to …

Pink Pearl Lady Cakebecomes Pink Pearl Baby Cakes

Project #3 – Pink Pearl Lady Cake ➡️ Pink Pearl Baby Cakes

Believe it or not, I really wanted to do the full cake this time. Or at least heart-shaped small cakes. I have a silicone heart pan with cupcake-sized hearts in it.


I showed my roommate Kathy this recipe and she wanted to help me make this. Kathy does pottery, so she was really interested in working with the fondant. Interestingly enough, the last time I made a fondant cake was her wedding cake! And I was somewhat traumatized by the whole fondant process, so I was quite happy to get an offer of help with it.


The day I planned to make the fondant, I was sick. I had a nasty headache, stomach ache, and felt just plain lousy. I didn’t want to go to the store and find glycerin and glucose. Even though I didn’t make the fondant, I decided I could still make cupcakes instead.


I went ahead and made mini-cupcakes. I overfilled the little cups, and forgot to grease the top of the pan, so I had to excavate the cupcakes. Sigh.


This frosting wasn’t as nice as the white chocolate frosting for the earlier cupcakes. I worried that the frosting would be too warm! I wrapped a cold pack around the bowl bottom. Then the frosting was too cold. I held my hands on the bottom of the bowl to warm it up. I was Goldilocks and the Three Bears of Frosting. It finally came together. Whew.


It wasn’t easy to pipe out, either. It wasn’t warm enough. And there wasn’t enough of it. Some cupcakes didn’t have quite enough frosting.


The frosting tasted pretty good. But the Ornament Cupcakes were just a teeny bit better.

Hopefully I will get the Breton cookies done. And written about. I don’t have mini brioche pans, but I think I have a solution worked out. We shall see!

Pizza Rustica
SUMMARY – sweet crust wraps a savory, cheesy, creamy and meaty filling. Great warm, cool or cold.


If I had an Italian grandmother, I can imagine her making this. And, I can imagine the extra work it would be without a food processor! I could see that this would appear only on holidays. Just to make it special, and make us beg her for it.


Sadly, my grandmothers were neither Italian, nor pizza or pie makers. I can’t become Italian, but I can make a mean pizza pie!


This was a great recipe to make on Sunday. First, I could take all day to make it. Second, once it was done, it could sit on the table, with our small junk food fest, while we watched the Panthers take on the Broncos. Although the game was disappointing, this pizza was not.


I thought the reaction would not be as positive as it was. When I packed it up, there was only half of it left. I consider that a vote of confidence.


Why was I worried? I tasted a bit of raw crust and it was sweet. Not cookie-level sweet, but enough that I thought it was a little odd with the Thanksgiving herbs. But Rose made this so it will make sense in the end.


Since I didn’t want to try and flip it out of a cake pan, I used a springform pan. The sides were a little high, so I couldn’t drape the edges of the bottom crust over the side.


I had to stick the crust to the edge of the pan so it didn’t flop down. I also put it in the refrigerator for a while because the crust dough got too soft and started to rip everywhere. There was enough extra dough for some quick patchwork.


The dough did rip while I was weaving the top together. But the glaze would fix that.

Since the dough was so sweet, I also sprinkled the top with some pretzel salt. Because, well, crunchy salt.



Another thing I should have done was wrap the pan with a cake strip. I thought the side crust got too brown, but the top crust didn’t get brown enough.


If I make this again, I think I would add more meat. The sausage was good, but ham and chopped meatballs would punch up the salt quotient.


I could really see this as a sweet ricotta pie. I wouldn’t make it as sweet as a regular cheesecake, but I would add a lot of berries, dried and/or fresh, or maybe pumpkin puree, and use honey to sweeten.



Irish-Cream-SconesSUMMARY – so easy, you can make them in the morning and bring them to work. So good, you will be the best co-worker ever.


You’ve heard of “Bring Your [Child, Parent, Family, Pet, Grandparents] to [Work, School, the Prom]” Day.

I created a new day. Bring Scones to Work Day.


First, because the day before I brought them in, I was not in the best mood. Stressed, cranky, annoyed with everyone. One of those days. What is better than an apology? Baked goods.

added-honeySecond, because these scones were so easy to put together. It took me 15 minutes to make the dough. 15 minutes! I am either super-fast in the morning (not really), or this scone recipe is super easy (more likely).


I even made a couple of substitutions. First, I used currants and not raisins. Currants belong in scones. They seem more … traditional.

Second, I only had a half-pint of cream. I added sour cream to make up the rest. I used as much whey as was floating in the container, plus the more solid cream. Sour cream seemed to work just fine. I probably could have used yogurt, too. But this project was pre-coffee so my improv skills were not peak.


I got the dough together, but looked at the clock. I had a time dilemma. I could:

(a) bake the scones at home and be late to work. Or,

(b) go to work early and bake them in the toaster oven.


I opted for baking them at work in the toaster oven. I bundled the scone dough together with a towel, butter, jelly and small spatula.


Fortunately, the toaster oven at work is HUGE. You could bake a chicken in it. It has a baking sheet that easily fit 8 scones. It has a broiler rack for a cooking rack. Even better, the whole office would smell like scones.


I divided the dough, and put them in the oven for 10 minutes at 400. Spun them around, and back into the oven for another 15 minutes at 425. They finally got brown. The big boss asked me what smelled so good.


I took one out and split it. Done!


And best yet, we had a staff meeting. So everyone got to have one. I brought butter and homemade grape jelly (using Rose’s recipe!).


The consensus? Great scones! Better than Panera! Can you do this every morning?

Well, maybe not every morning. But I guess if I’m in a foul mood, I might have to have another Take Scones to Work Day.midmorning-office-snack