Fudgy Pudgy Brownie Tart

Fudgy Pudgy Brownie Tart

SUMMARY – a chocolately cookie crust envelops a molten three-chocolate nutty brownie. The cookie crust keeps you from missing the brownie’s crispy edges.

Tart-crust-part1I was so excited about making this tart. The name of it sounds like a nursery rhyme so I made one up:

fudgy pudgy brownie in pie
bake it up and don’t ask why
show the picture all say Yay
and we eat it straight away!

And … that is why I bake and not write children’s books.Tart-crust-part-2

However, my excitement about making this tart was tempered by logistics, timing, and life in general.

I will start with …

Chopped-walnutsDAY 0 – Monday

I had Columbus Day off (YAY!) and planned on starting the tart crust that day. I check the recipe and it calls for cold butter. Check the fridge and there is no cold unsalted butter in there. I know I bought some. Where is it? I check the freezer, and there it is. So I pull a stick of frozen butter out and put it in the fridge.

melted-chocolateI had every intention of starting it later on that day. No dice. Life happened. Onto…

DAY 1 – Tuesday

Yes I went to work. Came home, threw together dinner, and made others clean up the kitchen immediately after dinner so I could start making the tart.

start-batterI got the crust all set and in the fridge. Gotta let it sit a while in the fridge to relax the gluten.

I made the brownie batter and put that in the fridge.

At that point I was tired and wasn’t going to be able to finish it. Went to bed.

add-eggsDAY 2 – Wednesday

On Wednesdays, I make dinner for my parents. I’ve been doing it for over a year now. I started doing it after my Dad had a stroke, and my Mom was overwhelmed with dealing with driving Dad around to all his doctors appointments and rehab.

finish-with-walnutsI put the bowl of brownie batter, the tart crust, my rolling mat, pin, tart pan and other square pan in the car to take with me. I figured I could finish it at the rents.

Everything sat in the cool car while I worked all day. The tart crust dough was a good temperature to roll. I rolled out the dough and draped it over the square pan to form it, and put it in the fridge while I made dinner.

the-crustPork tenderloin with roasted broccoli and spaghetti squash. Since their A1C numbers are back up, Mom is watching their carb intake.

After dinner, I finished assembling the tart and (finally!) got it in the oven. I underbaked it (by mistake because I forgot to bring the book with me but remembered the temperature) but it was fine. Brownies, like pork, can be served less than well done.

rolled-crustI wrapped it up in some foil and a towel and drove home with a warm chocolate tart, teasing me on the ride from Latham to Schenectady.

I brought it in the house and unmolded it. I cut it up and it was pretty oozy. Not a problem at all. What, you are supposed to cool it and then put it in the fridge? That so didn’t happen.

form-crustI brought a few pieces over to the convenient store. Walked in … “I have treats!” One of the girls grabbed a piece, stuffed it in her mouth and said “Oh my god it’s still warm!”

The brownies tart was a hit!

Did I write anything? No.

2015-10-14 18.03.14DAY 3 – Thursday

For her birthday present I brought Mom to the Taste of Home Cooking Show up in Saratoga Thursday evening. It ran super late because they had problems with the audio. No blog post got done.

DAY 4 – Friday

This was seriously the longest week ever, even with a day off. Writing did not happen.

2015-10-14 18.05.11DAY 5 – Saturday

Does anyone else have the problem of being busier on weekends than during a work day? Plus, warm cider donuts from the Riverview Orchard. Nuff said.

DAY 6 – Sunday

cooling-tartUnfortunately there are no pictures of the tart in pieces. Because there is no more tart.

It is still early Sunday morning. Hopefully I planned my time better for the White Chocolate Club Med Bread. I do need to get white chocolate. I better finish this up and get going!

2015-10-14 19.11.57

This post is part of the Alpha Bakers bake-along. It’s an online project where a group of food bloggers bake our way through The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum.

Most of the recipes made during this project will not be shared. If you see something amazing and want to know about the recipe please let me know. You might want to get the book for yourself, or at least check it out from your local library before deciding.


  1. You are absolutely right; the crust does keep from missing the crispy edge! Love the nursery rhyme, very clever. You are quite funny! What a great thing to do, making dinner for your parents. Little things like that mean a lot. Also like your square tart pan. Those convenience store gals had a very good day.

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