Irish Cream Scones

Irish-Cream-SconesSUMMARY – so easy, you can make them in the morning and bring them to work. So good, you will be the best co-worker ever.


You’ve heard of “Bring Your [Child, Parent, Family, Pet, Grandparents] to [Work, School, the Prom]” Day.

I created a new day. Bring Scones to Work Day.


First, because the day before I brought them in, I was not in the best mood. Stressed, cranky, annoyed with everyone. One of those days. What is better than an apology? Baked goods.

added-honeySecond, because these scones were so easy to put together. It took me 15 minutes to make the dough. 15 minutes! I am either super-fast in the morning (not really), or this scone recipe is super easy (more likely).


I even made a couple of substitutions. First, I used currants and not raisins. Currants belong in scones. They seem more … traditional.

Second, I only had a half-pint of cream. I added sour cream to make up the rest. I used as much whey as was floating in the container, plus the more solid cream. Sour cream seemed to work just fine. I probably could have used yogurt, too. But this project was pre-coffee so my improv skills were not peak.


I got the dough together, but looked at the clock. I had a time dilemma. I could:

(a) bake the scones at home and be late to work. Or,

(b) go to work early and bake them in the toaster oven.


I opted for baking them at work in the toaster oven. I bundled the scone dough together with a towel, butter, jelly and small spatula.


Fortunately, the toaster oven at work is HUGE. You could bake a chicken in it. It has a baking sheet that easily fit 8 scones. It has a broiler rack for a cooking rack. Even better, the whole office would smell like scones.


I divided the dough, and put them in the oven for 10 minutes at 400. Spun them around, and back into the oven for another 15 minutes at 425. They finally got brown. The big boss asked me what smelled so good.


I took one out and split it. Done!


And best yet, we had a staff meeting. So everyone got to have one. I brought butter and homemade grape jelly (using Rose’s recipe!).


The consensus? Great scones! Better than Panera! Can you do this every morning?

Well, maybe not every morning. But I guess if I’m in a foul mood, I might have to have another Take Scones to Work Day.midmorning-office-snack


  1. Great post! Really giving me a giggle early in the morning while my cat rolls over the top of the keyboard demanding to be fed yet again. I can only imagine an office filled with the aroma of these scones. Brilliant move! Now I have to find Rose’s grape jelly recipe.

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