It’s too darn hot!

Needless to say … the peach galette will be delayed 🙁 since my kitchen is too hot to roll out the pastry crust nicely.

I did get the filling done and it’s sitting in the fridge awaiting cooler temperatures!

peach-galette-fillingI entered 3 items to the Altamont Fair for judging: raspberry-champagne cupcakes, carmel-topped salty-sweet peanut butter sandies, and pecan coffee cake.

coffee-cake    raspberry-champagne-cupcakes    peanut-butter-sandies

I got a 3rd place ribbon for the coffee cake, which wasn’t even the best thing! Go figure! And I got $4 in prize money, which paid for a pound of butter and a couple of eggs. I’ll go into more detail about the recipes when I don’t feel like a candle left out in the sun.

2015-ribbonsHopefully it will cool off so I can roll out the pastry and make the galette. And the brownies … I am sure my neighborhood, family and workplace tasters won’t mind having a choice 😉

Later taters! Keep cool!  Aimee


  1. Congratulations on the win. I like the way they give you a ribbon for participating as well as winning, and that they pay you $4 in a cheque!

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