Lemon Almond Cheesecake

Lemon Almond CheesecakeSUMMARY – lemon and almonds balance out in this light and creamy cheesecake. This is 5-star restaurant dessert!


I admit that I was worried about this recipe due to my sad encounter with lemon curd in the tart tart a few weeks ago. Others around me had a similar reaction.


“I’m making cheesecake this weekend for my baking project.”

“REALLY?” Smiles and excitement! “That’s great! What kind of cheesecake?”

“Lemon almond.”

Fallen sad faces. “Oh.”


Such a supportive bunch.


Before I even started the cake, I decided to skip the lemon curd. I was not going through that whole too tart thing again!


I also decided to make mini-cheesecakes. I’ve had mini brioche paper wrappers that I bought a long time ago during a trip to the King Arthur Flour store up in Vermont. This would be the perfect opportunity to use them. And I can give cakes away without the whole leftover thing.


Friday night I made the sponge cake layer in a half-sheet pan. Rose said that the sponge cake came together quick, in 10 minutes. I took longer than 10 minutes. More like 20 minutes. That’s OK. I had to take pictures. I also toasted the almonds while the cake


I went through my collection of cookie/biscuit cutters and found one that would be the right size for the sponge cake layer.


After cutting 20-some cheesecake bottoms from the cooled sponge cake, I had some cake scraps. Those disappeared pretty quickly! And the scraps tasted pretty good. Not quite angel food cake, more like cherub-food cake. Hope for the completed cheesecakes grew.

baked-cheesecakesSaturday morning started with shopping for Sugar in the Raw, dairy and more eggs. And a bag of lemons. I didn’t see Meyer lemons. I am seriously jealous of people who have Meyer lemon trees in their yards. I almost cheated with the sugar and just used granulated. I did relent after realizing that part of the almond grinding was probably the texture of the sugar crystals.


I portioned the batter out with a trusty ice cream scoop. I got 21 cakes out of the batter. I baked them for half the time, on 2 stacked half-sheet pans, since there was no way to put these in a water bath.


They looked really good and didn’t crack at all when I cooled them down. Some I topped with lemon Greek yogurt and more sliced almonds. The yogurt worked well as a substitute for lemon curd. Tangy and creamy. The cakes were even better with whipped cream! Good enough for a restaurant dessert. Yes, I would pay $6 or more for that cheesecake!

happy-girlsI brought some over to the gals at the convenience store on the corner. Sad faces disappeared when I walked in with cheesecake! Briana and Mariah were so happy 😉

I will make these again. And ignore the nay-sayers!


  1. What a great idea to make mini cheesecakes! I was wondering about using a dollop of whipping cream or clotted cream with it. The lemon yogurt is a great idea. Cute pictures.

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