Mud Turtle Pie


SUMMARY – two layers, pecan and chocolate ganache, balance out the sweetness of this pie. Neither is overwhelming, but both are distinct and delicious.

When I was making this pie, I was thinking about a story my friend Lori told last week about the adventures of her Russian tortoise.


Lori has a tortoise named Michael that she lets out in her yard to walk around in a semi-natural habitat. One day on one of his outings, Lori gets distracted and Michael disappears. How a tortoise runs away I have no idea. She puts signs up around the neighborhood in search of her tortoise.


Months later she gets a call that someone in the neighborhood found a turtle. She goes to get it, and Michael seems to have gotten bigger. He looks like the same tortoise though, so she brings him home. Mystery solved … so Lori thinks.

2015-09-27 08.58.32

A few more months later, she gets another call that someone completely different had found a turtle. It can’t be Michael because he is home safe. Lori goes out anyway, since she is the official “crazy neighborhood reptile lady” and that’s how she rolls.

2015-09-27 15.38.42

She heads to the other neighbor’s yard, and there is another Michael. This time, the right size. Lori brings Michael II home and puts him in with the bigger Michael.


Needless to say, she soon found out that the bigger Michael is really a Michelle, because smaller Michael gets amorous with her.


Now, Michael and Michelle have their own, separate, inside homes, and are only allowed out with a strict chaperone. My pie shows Michael on the left, and Michelle’s little tail on the right, after she burrows down to get away from her love-struck housemate.


I will call this pie Russian Tortoise Pie from now on, in honor of Michelle and Michael.

I wonder if I will hear another story this week for the Banana Split Chiffon Cake?

This post is part of the Alpha Bakers bake along. It’s an online project where a group of food bloggers bake our way through The Baking Bible by Rose Levy Beranbaum.

Most of the recipes made during this project will not be shared. If you see something amazing and want to know about the recipe please let me know. You might want to get the book for yourself, or at least check it out from your local library before deciding.


  1. How funny!!!! What a delightful story and I love the Michael and Michelle little chocolate Russian tortoises on your pie. Best thing I’ve heard all day! It’s such a yummy pie.

    1. It was a really good pie. I have to give the recipe to a friend of mine who swears she will try to make the whole thing from scratch for her cancer surgery-recovering Mom who loved the piece she got. It’s a winner for sure!

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